The Global Association  of Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) Communities (GASC)  is an intentional learning community composed of organizations, consultants, researchers in local SoL communities around the world.  A not-for-profit, member-governed organisation, SoL is devoted to the interdependent development of people and their institutions in service of inspired performance and meaningful results. SoL serves as a space in which individuals and institutions can create together that which they cannot create alone.
SoL Singapore is one of 16 SoL GASC communities around the world and a member-governed Singapore registered society.


Our purpose is to discover (research), integrate (capacity development) and implement (practice) theories and practices of a Learning Organization for the interdependent development of people, their institutions and communities.

By doing this we continue to increase our capacity to collectively realise our highest aspirations and productively resolve our differences.  With this intention, organisations are truly worthy of the commitment of their employees and communities.


Founding SoL, today SoL North America,  was formed in April of 1997 to continue the work of MIT’s Center for Organizational Learning (1991-1997). Peter Senge, author of the The Fifth Discipline: the Art and Practice of the Learning Organization is the founding Chairman of SoL.


SoL Singapore formed in April 2014, is a learning community currently composed of individual practitioners (corporate and independent).


When the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) began over thirty years ago as the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT, leaders from large corporations recognized that the challenges and opportunities of the future would require a new level of collaboration.


A learning organization seeks to create its own future. Such an organization develops, adapts, and transforms itself in response to the needs and aspirations of its individual members and the collective organization, in the face of ongoing challenges.


Global SoL is a non-profit, global membership society, composed only of SoL community members dedicated to stewarding to the SoL principles and the SoL brand.


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