As a member of the SoL Singapore, you can be part of an intentional learning community currently composed of individual practitioners (corporate and independent) dedicated to inspiring performance and meaningful results. 

 As a member of SoL Singapore you can be actively involved in building  a community of practice through:

  • Introducing  the concept of Organizational Learning to a larger body of executives, consultants, and researchers through a series of presentations.

  • Inviting  those CEO’s who are already doing important Organizational Learning projects in their organizations to share their experiences within a series of one-day or longer workshops.

  • Offering longer Organizational Learning workshops to a wide network of executives, consultants, and researchers

  • Forming a core group of organizational, research and consulting partners, who are both committed to building a learning community and have unique skills and knowledge to contribute.

  • Work together with like-minded colleague practitioners to deliver  Organisational Learning programs.


We are pleased to offer “Connection membership” to SoL Singapore, for those who would like to participate fully in the Society’s work. We describe Connection members as those who are above 21 years of age and who shall have the right to vote and to hold office in the Society too.

​As a Connection member, you can look forward to:

  • Being a contributor to the content for upcoming projects, forums, sessions and or help to facilitate at any of these events;

  • Obtaining member discounted rates for Sol Events and workshop;

  • Being part of projects and activities, and helping us contribute towards raising awareness and by supporting discussions, insights and community dialogue about Organisational Learning and  Systems Thinking on the SoL Singapore Facebook and LinkedIn.


  1. Access to members of other SoL communities that are part of Global SoL

  2. Access to our online resource library

  3. collaborative interactions with colleagues in the field of Organisational Learning and intentionally creating  Learning Organisation.