Founding SoL, today SoL North America, was formed in April of 1997 to continue the work of MIT’s Center for Organizational Learning (1991-1997). Peter Senge, author of the The Fifth Discipline: the Art and Practice of the Learning Organization is the founding Chairman of SoL.
SoL Singapore formed in April 2014, is a learning community currently composed of individual practitioners (corporate and independent).



Peter Seah

Treasurer and Board Member
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Peter Seah is a OD consultant and dialogue curator who specializes in co-initiating and co-creating with organizations in navigating their renewal journey through the organization and human dynamics. He helps senior management and teams to interpret and reframe the collaborative framework to achieve generative conversation and behaviour shifts. 


Through exaptation of the artistic process, he is adept at curating and deploying a variety of process and methods, e.g. Shared Visioning, Objective and Key Results, Participatory Strategic Planning (Institute of Cultural Affairs), action learning, etc.


Peter has more than 30 years of senior management and leadership positions in both public and private organisations across Middle East and Asia. He has led start-ups and heterarchy teams in regional business development and change management projects.


Peter is a Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF), IAF Certified™ Assessor, Certified®️ Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance©), and a Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation) under the SkillsFuture Singapore Adult Education Professionalisation.


Lyn Wong

Secretary and Board Member
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An internationally accredited facilitator and coach, Lyn is passionate about organization learning and development. Every individual, team or organization is a system. Lyn believes that when we take a systemic approach to look at individuals, teams and organizations, we can better engage, align and integrate all parts of the system and tap into the collective wisdom to achieve strategic objectives. 

As a learning and organisation development practitioner, she has worked with clients across various industries in the private, public and non-profit sectors, in the areas of leadership development, team development, employee engagement, strategic visioning and planning and change management. 


Before practising as a facilitator, leadership and team coach, and OD practitioner, Lyn has over 13 years of corporate experience in leadership, commercial and marketing roles working with stakeholders and leaders globally across industries like media and entertainment, healthcare, real estate, business services and non-profits. 


She is a IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and ICF Associate Certified Coach. She is also recognised as a Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation) under the SkillsFuture Singapore Adult Education Professionalisation initiative.

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Tara Kimbrell Cole

Founding President and Board Chair
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Tara Kimbrell Cole is a culture-change consultant, executive coach and organizational learning expert who brings her own business leadership experience as a chief executive, financial market innovator, and international entrepreneur to her clients. She has coached executives for over 15 years and is recognized for creating game‐changing initiatives that solve complex market challenges with systemic solutions.


She is CEO of Synovations® Pte. Ltd., the consulting firm she founded based in Singapore, serving multi-national organizations across a range of industries. The company co-creates, designs, and delivers organizational learning programs to build leadership, systems thinking, innovation capabilities, highly-tuned team collaboration and manage culture change, while optimizing business opportunities.

Tara has lived in Asia for over twenty-five years, enhancing her expertise in cross-cultural communication, cultural sensitivity and fluid environment navigation.

Throughout her twenty-year financial services career, she formulated and directed financial strategies, expanded customer bases, and commercialized intellectual property for the companies she led. She established trusted networks among leaders and policy‐makers in regional and international businesses across industries and government sectors. Following a successful finance career working in New York, Europe and Asia, she broadened that expertise with extensive education in organizational learning and professional development.

Tara is a board member of the Global Association of SoL Communities (Global SoL).   Since 2007, she has been an approved consultant by the Council of Trustees of Founding SoL in Cambridge, MA, chaired by Peter M. Senge. Ph.D. and accepted in SoL’s Coaching Community of Practice.

She has a master’s degree in Professional Development – Executive Coaching, Middlesex University, UK (2017), and was granted alumna status at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, (2002).


Poorani Thanusha

Vice President and Board Member
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Poorani Thanusha brings a broad corporate and entrepreneurial background of over 25 years, with diverse experience from operational to management to consulting.  Since 2004, her focus has been facilitating and coaching personal mastery, Team Learning and organizational change with individuals and teams.


Poorani utilises the principles of the Learning Organization and management experience to work in partnership with her clients to elevate leadership and empower business performance by taking a systemic perspective from shared vision and communicating for team learning.


She has trained with Peter Senge in the principles of the five disciplines in The Foundations For Leadership program as well as with Otto Scharmer in the Theory U framework for systemic transformation which builds on Peter Senge’s framework for Learning Organization.

Having worked with thousands of individuals with varied backgrounds all over the world, Poorani is as skilled working one-on-one as she is with large groups. She also works effectively with all levels of an organization from C-suite executives, to management teams, to the employees. She taps into her years of training and personal practice in various modalities to create sustainable awareness-based action-learning impact in her Learning Organization initiatives.  


She was one of a select global group of coaches who was extensively and directly trained by Werner Erhard, who is credited as one of the pioneers in the coaching world, in using the consulting methodology based on the paradigm of leadership known as “Being A Leader…”. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has completed the Advanced Coach Mastery programme with Coach Masters Academy. Poorani is also an Adult Educator with Advanced Training in Facilitation and Assessment certified by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.


While she has worked across the globe, her focus in the last 10 years have been in the Asian region where she appreciates and understands the unique challenges and strengths of people in organizations, and over the years, has identified the key factors for sustainable success for organizations in today’s challenging environment and complex future. Poorani is known for her ability to design and lead initiatives across entrenched cultures and changing environments.

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Lalit Jagtiani

Board Member
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A Thought Leader for SAP, Lalit has led and managed organisation transformations for customers across Asia-Pacific. Experienced in Business Model Innovation, Digital Transformation, IT strategy, Shared Services Design, Business Process Re-design, Value Realization, Strategy and Organisation Change, Lalit has over 28 years of experience in Transformation.

He works with the top accounts of SAP to help develop their new business models leveraging the SAP solution suite and the innovation areas of Machine Learning, Block Chain and Internet of Things. His latest innovation has now become a funded SAP Venture, Green Token.


In his earlier role as the Lead for the Business Transformation Academy, SAP, he has been part of a Thought Leadership Network, that comprised academics of leading global business schools, practitioners and SAP experts. The network included leading domain experts from different fields to proactively address complex market dynamics and ensure a holistic view in the area of Business Transformation.

As a consultant, he believes his unique value comes from his ability to see the connectedness that are not obvious. In addition to his MBA, he has a diploma in Film Making. Over the years, he has scripted and directed numerous videos and TV


He is the Chief Mentor for LeadThink® a digital platform for Leaders & Professionals to showcase their capabilities through personal insights & experiences in driving successful transformation in their organizations.

Another area of passion for him is writing and this has found expression in his debut book –“When Change Happens”. http://www.whenchangehappens.org/


Garrett Weiner

Board Member
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Garrett works across Asia with leaders and teams to improve their performance and sustainability practices, including performance management, culture change, communication and coaching skills, executive vitality/consciousness and sustainability leadership. 

In working with clients, Garrett draws upon first-hand business knowledge as a lawyer, accountant and consultant as well as his experience in ultra-endurance sports. His career includes 15 years with professional services firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Linklaters, across the U.S., Europe and Asia. His long-term focus is on developing more effective teams and organisations that operate in alignment with sustainable business and social systems. 

He is a Member of the New York Bar, graduating from Duke University School of Law in North Carolina with a J.D. and LL.M., and a CPA, receiving his graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida.


Ben Chan

Board Member
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Dr. Ben Chan is Director of Education Academy at United in Diversity Forum (UID), Indonesia. He is the local faculty in the MIT-IDEAS Indonesia Program. Prior to his present position in UID, he was lecturing on Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at the Singapore Management University.


Ben is also the Executive Director of Singapore’s Young Entrepreneurship Center - a human-capital center where young entrepreneurs come to learn the software of commercial and social entrepreneurship.


Robert Steele

Board Member
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Robert Steele is Founder and Director of Systainability Asia, a multi-disciplinary Thailand based consultancy that works closely with the region’s stakeholders to build capacity and find long-term solutions to our most challenging sustainability challenges.

Robert is a regional expert and practitioner in integrative sustainability planning and assessment; systems thinking and organizational culture change.


Robert is a Senior Associate with the Sustainability Accelerator Network as well as a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), and a Principle Resource Person for the UNEP-Tongji University Asia Pacific Leadership Programme on Environment and Sustainable Development in Shanghai, China.


Sue Carol Adams, Ben Chan, Tara Kimbrell Cole, Sheila Damadoran, Francis Fernandez, Lauren Houghton, Lalit Jagtiani, Ayin Jambulingam, Leng Lim, H. Mary Moore, Douglas O’Loughlin, Gavin Tan



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